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06 May

How To Control Cholesterol Using Anti Cholesterol Methods – Part 5

Part 5 – Keeping In Check and Natural Treatments to Balance Cholesterol Levels


The main thing that each of us should keep in mind is if we haven’t been told we have high cholesterol, there is no reason we should ever have

fenugreek on white spoon

fenugreek on white spoon (Photo credit: prashant_zi)

to be told we need anti cholesterol treatments.
For those that have been informed to keep their cholesterol levels in check, the methods of diet, exercise and lifestyle can begin to reverse the effects of the cholesterol and therefore lower the levels to a much more manageable number.


The Wonder Herbal Supplement That Does It All

For those that have suffered the results of high cholesterol and the diet associated with it, such as deionized eggs, blah!, there is a better choice.


Those that have not yet had to deal with the effects of cholesterol issues, then you do not have too!! There is a better choice!!


Colestralow is the new breakthrough anti cholesterol herbal supplement that immediately has began to reverse the levels of cholesterol. It actually improves the good and reduces the bad! There can not be a better system than that!

Colestralow combines the vital ingredients and herbs needed to form a normalized level of cholesterol. These ingredients by themselves hold overwhelming results in the lowering and stabilization of cholesterol. Yet combined together, create an astonishing method of combining diet, exercise and lifestyle into an easy to swallow pill!!

Ingredients in this remarkable anti cholesterol herbal supplement are such as FENUGREEK 300: For years, Fenugreek has been used as a way for men to increase libido, women that are nursing to increase milk supply and has effectively been used to alleviate pain in the joints of arthritis patients.
Now, Fenugreek is becoming the main ‘go-to’ herb for those wanting to reduce both blood sugar as well as cholesterol!

You can find more details about Cholesterol and how to naturally balance cholesterol levels on ColestraLow site.

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23 April

Anti-cholesterol diets ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT lower your chances of having a heart attack!

I just finished reading “The Great Cholesterol Lie” by Dr. Dwight Lundell and I was shocked what I discovered inside…

We’ve all heard that the best way to reduce your risk of heart disease is to reduce your cholesterol levels. But what would you say if you found out that this isn’t true? And not only that it isn’t true, but that lowering your cholesterol levels with anti cholesterol diets ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT lower your chances of having a heart attack, getting heart disease, or suffering from a stroke? What would you say to that?

Well guess what – it’s true. And if you are like most people who have learned this for themselves, you don’t have anything to say, because you are speechless. It means that anti cholesterol foods, anti cholesterol diets, and anti cholesterol rules won’t make a difference when it comes to preventing heart disease. And this fact isn’t coming from an unreliable source, it’s coming from a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon of more than 25 years – Dr. Dwight Lundell.

What Dr. Dwight Lundell has to say will shock you, and make you rethink everything you thought you knew about heart disease prevention, starting with anti cholesterol rules. But it might also save your life, or the life of someone you know. So start paying attention, because what Dr. Lundell has learned is different than anything you’ve ever done before, and might be the one thing you need to start living a healthier life.

Click here to find out more about Dr. Lundell’s book “The Great Cholesterol Lie”.

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PS: Have you already read it? Awesome! Please share your thoughts with me, I want to hear what you think.

18 February

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