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06 May

How To Control Cholesterol Using Anti Cholesterol Methods – Part 5

Part 5 – Keeping In Check and Natural Treatments to Balance Cholesterol Levels


The main thing that each of us should keep in mind is if we haven’t been told we have high cholesterol, there is no reason we should ever have

fenugreek on white spoon

fenugreek on white spoon (Photo credit: prashant_zi)

to be told we need anti cholesterol treatments.
For those that have been informed to keep their cholesterol levels in check, the methods of diet, exercise and lifestyle can begin to reverse the effects of the cholesterol and therefore lower the levels to a much more manageable number.


The Wonder Herbal Supplement That Does It All

For those that have suffered the results of high cholesterol and the diet associated with it, such as deionized eggs, blah!, there is a better choice.


Those that have not yet had to deal with the effects of cholesterol issues, then you do not have too!! There is a better choice!!


Colestralow is the new breakthrough anti cholesterol herbal supplement that immediately has began to reverse the levels of cholesterol. It actually improves the good and reduces the bad! There can not be a better system than that!

Colestralow combines the vital ingredients and herbs needed to form a normalized level of cholesterol. These ingredients by themselves hold overwhelming results in the lowering and stabilization of cholesterol. Yet combined together, create an astonishing method of combining diet, exercise and lifestyle into an easy to swallow pill!!

Ingredients in this remarkable anti cholesterol herbal supplement are such as FENUGREEK 300: For years, Fenugreek has been used as a way for men to increase libido, women that are nursing to increase milk supply and has effectively been used to alleviate pain in the joints of arthritis patients.
Now, Fenugreek is becoming the main ‘go-to’ herb for those wanting to reduce both blood sugar as well as cholesterol!

You can find more details about Cholesterol and how to naturally balance cholesterol levels on ColestraLow site.

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02 May

How To Control Cholesterol Using Anti Cholesterol Methods – Part 2



The number one thing we can control is the food we eat. Eating healthy is the best anti cholesterol method we could use. Stop eating foods that we know can kill us years later.

Chips (BE), French fries (AE), French fried po...

Chips (BE), French fries (AE), French fried potatoes (AE) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nothing is more ironic that seeing someone refusing to smoke, yet eating French fries like there is no tomorrow. Keep eating those fatty fries and your tomorrows’ will be few!

It is not at all difficult to take just a few seconds while in a grocery store, to stop and read the ingredients found on the back of all food labels. That is exactly why they put them there.

Stop frying everything!! Baking chicken is more healthy and tastes pretty fair as well. There is absolutely no excuse for the amount of harmful fats we introduce in our bodies each day.


You can find more details about Cholesterol and how to naturally balance cholesterol levels on ColestraLow site.

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30 April

How To Control Cholesterol Using Anti Cholesterol Methods – Part 1

It seems our biggest enemy sometimes is ourselves. Well, that and procrastination. We seldom worry about having any types of health problems or disease until we are stricken with health problems and disease. It is only then that we even consider anti cholesterol.


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We may not have much control over our daily caloric and fat intake as children, however, as adults, we are in full control over our bodies, and subsequently, the health of our children.


It falls on us to not only take better care of ourselves, but to also provide our children with a more health conscious diet. There is something we can do about high cholesterol prior to being told by our Dr. that we have an issue with our cholesterol. As complex as that may sound, it is rather simplistic in its meaning.


1) Lifestyle; 


By creating a healthier lifestyle, we are taking the first warning shots across the bow of heart disease and high cholesterol. This includes attempting a vast reduction in the amount of stress we take on throughout our day.


We can effectively accomplish this simply by not allowing the certain things that usually ruffle our feathers to bother us at all. Though seemingly difficult, try to developed the habit of just saying “oh well”, when something does not go our way.

You can find more details about Cholesterol and how to naturally balance cholesterol levels on ColestraLow site.

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25 April

What Is Cholesterol?

The very first time Cholesterol was ever witnessed outside the body, it was in 1769. A man named Francois Poulletier de la Salle, discovered a unique looking substance appearing in gallstones he was inspecting. Although he never actually accredited this find as his own. Long before we ever thought of anti cholesterol.

It wasn’t until 1815 that a man named Eugene Chevreul witnessed the same substance and gave it a name; Cholesterine. Later adopting the name cholesterol from the Greek meaning “bile-solid-alcohol”. Which in a sense, is exactly what cholesterol actually is.

Cholesterol emboli

Cholesterol emboli (Photo credit: Boonyarit Cheunsuchon)

Cholesterol is a waxy substance organically created as steroid fat. It has both good and bad qualities determining on the amount and exact chemical makeup of the cholesterol, meaning there are some forms created within the body that have beneficial qualities.

Being that some cholesterol is vital for the life of all animals, it is recycled through the body becoming excreted from the liver as fluid bile, then roughly half the excretion is absorbed back into the body via the small bowel into our bloodstream. So good cholesterol actually has a purpose.

Cholesterol has two sides. Good (HDL) and Bad (LDL). It is the total cholesterol that we should watch for, and why an anti cholesterol medicine is so important.

That purpose is to maintain our levels of bile acids, steroid hormones and vitamins such as the ever needed Vitamin D.Cholesterol is also needed to create new cell membranes.

You can find more details about Cholesterol and how to naturally balance cholesterol levels on ColestraLow site.

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17 April

Bad Qualities Associated with Cholesterol

What happens when the cholesterol essentially becomes too much is that too much of the substance begins being reabsorbed into our bloodstream. Being that its first entry point back into our system is though our blood vessels, it is here that our problems begin and the need for anti cholesterol is sought after.


Think of it as if our blood vessels were a intricate system of pipes, (well, essentially that is exactly what they are). If you were to turn on the hot water,(our blood) and begin to slowly introduce small amounts of melted animal fat (cholesterol), the warm water would dilute the fat just enough to grease the pipes and allow the liquidly fat to pass on through the system and out into the reservoir again.

myocardial infarction - Myokardinfarkt - scheme

myocardial infarction - Myokardinfarkt - scheme (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


However, if you continuously keep adding the fat into the pipes, small amounts begin to find littler crooks, bends and crevices to stop at. Like taking a snowball and rolling it on loose snow, more liguidly fat begins to cake up on top of these troubled areas in the pipes, creating thicker amounts.


As these thicker amounts begin to form, less and less of the warm water has the same diluting effects as before, and the fat begins to cool. Anyone that knows anything about cooking knows that after merely minutes removed from heat, fat begins to harden. So it does in our bloodvessels. Clogging them off little by little until we have a cardiovascular issue.


If you think this is not that huge of a problem, think again. Although 87% of those who die of heart attacks are over the age of 60, studies have shown that the problems associated with the heart diseases actually begin showing up in our bodies while we a merely children. Meaning our pipes have already began to create these minute areas for fat to come to a halt in while we are very young.


You can find more details about Cholesterol and how to naturally balance cholesterol levels on ColestraLow – Herbal Cholesterol Balancing Product site.

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23 April

Anti-cholesterol diets ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT lower your chances of having a heart attack!

I just finished reading “The Great Cholesterol Lie” by Dr. Dwight Lundell and I was shocked what I discovered inside…

We’ve all heard that the best way to reduce your risk of heart disease is to reduce your cholesterol levels. But what would you say if you found out that this isn’t true? And not only that it isn’t true, but that lowering your cholesterol levels with anti cholesterol diets ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT lower your chances of having a heart attack, getting heart disease, or suffering from a stroke? What would you say to that?

Well guess what – it’s true. And if you are like most people who have learned this for themselves, you don’t have anything to say, because you are speechless. It means that anti cholesterol foods, anti cholesterol diets, and anti cholesterol rules won’t make a difference when it comes to preventing heart disease. And this fact isn’t coming from an unreliable source, it’s coming from a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon of more than 25 years – Dr. Dwight Lundell.

What Dr. Dwight Lundell has to say will shock you, and make you rethink everything you thought you knew about heart disease prevention, starting with anti cholesterol rules. But it might also save your life, or the life of someone you know. So start paying attention, because what Dr. Lundell has learned is different than anything you’ve ever done before, and might be the one thing you need to start living a healthier life.

Click here to find out more about Dr. Lundell’s book “The Great Cholesterol Lie”.

Take care,

PS: Have you already read it? Awesome! Please share your thoughts with me, I want to hear what you think.

03 March

Anti-Cholesterol Diet, where to start?

I would like to share with you some of my methods how I managed to lower cholesterol levels. I have learned everything by myself mainly from material I found on the internet…

Everyone should always be aware of their cholesterol levels because having high cholesterol is very dangerous. It can lead to things like heart attacks and strokes. Many people simply rely on medications in order to lower their cholesterol but there are so many better ways to go about it because medications can sometimes do more harm than good. That being said, i will explain how to lower your cholesterol without medication in order to help people safely lower their cholesterol.

  1. Learning how to lower your cholesterol without medication first starts with the diet. It’s important for people to eat right and that begins with an anti-cholesterol diet. This is basically the idea of eliminating as much cholesterol as possible from the diet. Sometimes it can be really simple changes, such as switching from whole milk to skim milk. Other times it means to stop eating things altogether, such as beef, which contains a lot of cholesterol compared to other foods. It may take some time to get used to these changes, however, an anti-cholesterol diet is necessary in order to lower your cholesterol.
  2. The next part to learning how to lower your cholesterol without medication focuses on exercise. It’s not fully understood exactly why exercises can lower cholesterol levels, however, studies have shown that it does. Researchers believe this is because people who exercise lose weight and that decreases the amount of cholesterol in the body over time. Also, enzymes become stimulated that actually transport low-density lipoproteins from the blood and move them to the liver, which is where they get turned into bile. In other words, the body transports it out of the body, which then lowers your cholesterol.

There is actually a book that I highly recommend. It explains how to lower your cholesterol without medication that goes more in-depth about how this is done. It’s called “Crunch Cholesterol…And Save Your Heart.” It explains what foods are good to eat, what supplements can help, and how to lose some weight. It’s really a very complete and thorough book that can help anyone trying to lower their cholesterol, so go ahead and give it a try and become a healthier person! Click here to find out more about this book.

Wish you best of luck & stay healthy,
Matt from

20 February

Cut back on sugar to reduce your risk of Heart Disease & lower your Cholesterol

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, “Diets high in polyunsaturated fat [found in walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds or their unprocessed cooking oils] have been more effective than lowfat, high-carbohydrate diets in anti-cholesterol as well as the incidence of heart disease.”

Now for the shocking news: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people who get 25 percent or more of their daily calories from simple sugars have more than triple the risk of developing low high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol than those who get less than 5 percent of their calories from sweeteners. That’s because added sweeteners in food lower HDL and raise triglycerides. Links between sweets and blood fats were also found to be independent of the fat and cholesterol provided in high-fat foods.

Bottom line: Eat more polyunsaturated fats and cut back on sugar to reduce your risk of heart disease and lower your cholesterol.