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17 April

Bad Qualities Associated with Cholesterol

What happens when the cholesterol essentially becomes too much is that too much of the substance begins being reabsorbed into our bloodstream. Being that its first entry point back into our system is though our blood vessels, it is here that our problems begin and the need for anti cholesterol is sought after.


Think of it as if our blood vessels were a intricate system of pipes, (well, essentially that is exactly what they are). If you were to turn on the hot water,(our blood) and begin to slowly introduce small amounts of melted animal fat (cholesterol), the warm water would dilute the fat just enough to grease the pipes and allow the liquidly fat to pass on through the system and out into the reservoir again.

myocardial infarction - Myokardinfarkt - scheme

myocardial infarction - Myokardinfarkt - scheme (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


However, if you continuously keep adding the fat into the pipes, small amounts begin to find littler crooks, bends and crevices to stop at. Like taking a snowball and rolling it on loose snow, more liguidly fat begins to cake up on top of these troubled areas in the pipes, creating thicker amounts.


As these thicker amounts begin to form, less and less of the warm water has the same diluting effects as before, and the fat begins to cool. Anyone that knows anything about cooking knows that after merely minutes removed from heat, fat begins to harden. So it does in our bloodvessels. Clogging them off little by little until we have a cardiovascular issue.


If you think this is not that huge of a problem, think again. Although 87% of those who die of heart attacks are over the age of 60, studies have shown that the problems associated with the heart diseases actually begin showing up in our bodies while we a merely children. Meaning our pipes have already began to create these minute areas for fat to come to a halt in while we are very young.


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